The fish is back in the water...

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?

Bitch please...I sell fishes and I don't care.

Is this just a relaunch?


The basement named by an asteroid...

Some years ago Little Prince's asteroid B612 landed in a basement in the centre of Athens.As you can imagine this story was covered by grown ups who don't believe in love,beauty and other values that we crazy people and Little Prince still believe.
On of those people, a crazy revolutionary believed the story and decided that the story has to be told.
In the same basement that the asteroid landed she opened her store and there she managed to not only save old treasures but to make new ones with the precious help of her sister.
Those treasures combine the most extraordinary materials that someone can imagine, old beer caps are transformed to rings,pins and necklaces, small Tinkerbell figurines decorate crazy jewellery and as an homage to the old owner of the asteroid "Petit Prince" can be found in lots of pieces.
All of the B612 brand pieces are an amalgamation of all the things that the two sisters Vassiliki and Katina love.Their inspirations could easily be a journey around the world.Mexico, America, England, India are just some of the places that their jewellery are inspired with vintage aesthetic and punk attitude being the common denominators.
 So if you are still in Athens and you are in for an eye adventure go down to Psiri and in Iroon square inside an old door and a few stairs down you will find the most cool place to be in a hot day.

P.S Today B612 brand is going to present their new collection "Les culottes de soie veulent des fesses habiles" so grab the chance and don't hesitate to join their party with cool music and mojitos.

The interior of B612 is decorated all over with small, cool vintage stuff like 20's hats and old decorative objects.

Pieces of older collections and vintage decoratives that B612 owners collect.

A necklace from the collection "Pure Junk". 

A shopping bag with a traditional Latin american  inspired pattern.

  A bracelet from the collection "vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas"

A shopping bag from a bag collection with "La Madonna di Guadalupe"

Earring from the previous collection named "Beloved".

Contact information.

Address: Karaiskaki 35, Psiri, Athens

Phone: 210-3255040

E-mail: b612@gmail.com

Photos courtesy of Vita Eksiakosia Dodeka.
Many thanks to Vassiliki.


When you wanna be abused...be "Abused by Retro"

Some people abuse their clothes with insensitivity and especially their old clothes, but some people find that old clothes need care,love and a new owner.
One of these people decided that vintage is somehow a religion so she opened her little temple dedicated to vintage diamonds, open for everyone that believes that old and vintage pieces deserve a second chance.
About two years ago Tania decided that a small street, Agion Anargiron and particular in number 24,  in "Psiri" district is going to roof her love of vintage clothes, a love that since then grows bigger and bigger.Her cosy little shop is full of clothes that have a story to tell, there she welcomes everybody who wants to hear their stories with a big smile.
In her shop boys and girls will find American t-shirts that even old school head-bangers would envy, cowboy shirts that John Wayne would love, Italian jeans like once Italian jeans where made,girly but with an attitude dresses that no one stays unmoved and lots of others pieces that reflect the taste and loves of Tania.
 Summer is still on and cause our closet always needs a splash of retro don't hesitate Tania's 
"Abused by Retro" has the fix that you and your style need.

P.S. Don't forget to take a look at the new collection of t-shirts and cute little dresses that Tania designs.

The reflection of Tania at her window display.

Tania is a notorious fan of the 70's and she has a big collection of pieces from that era

Three tees designed by Tania, part of the "Arizona" line.

Contact information
Abused by Retro
Address. Agion Anargiron 24, Psirri
Tel. 210-3221370

Mail. abused.athens@gmail.com

Facebook. Abused by retro

tue-thur-fri: 12.00-20.00 

Photos courtesy of "Abused by Retro".
Many thanks to Tania.


Tips to avoid a heat stroke...

The last days temperature in Athens was intolerable but some people have the answer to your problem.
Tips to stay cool and look cool.

Stay all day long inside and with the first glimpse of the moon
go outside and party all night long. 

Drink lots of fluids and eat light meals and especially fruits.
Watermelon is a fruit that will keep you cool since 92% of its weight is water.

Always wear a hat and avoid staying too much in the sun.
Don't forget Mad hatter never had a heat stroke .

Prefer to wear sunglasses, otherwise strike a pose with your eyes half closed or your hair looking mysterious, or rest in someone's shadow.
Avoid black colour.

Recreating poses of old photos might also be helpful since in past years the climate was milder.

Being a man or pretending to be a man is still debatable if it helps in hot weather. 

A proof that wearing a hat helps you not only staying cool but also looking cool.

Photos courtesy of Facebook friends.


Glitchr: beautiful system errors with a garnish of broken pixels

They describe themselves as a "profesional sports team", and that's the only clue i have about this obscure team who goes by the name Glitchr.
Their Facebook page is a crazy collection of photos with broken pixels,"scratches" and "errors" and believe me is more that funny to see the untouchable, boring Facebook in this mess.For me their work is like a guerrilla visual attack.Even the template of the page is having "scratches" and what is looking like faults of a computer system.After all the name glitch(r) is used as a term for short-lived system errors.
If you try to find something more about them in Google you will get a page with results even more mysterious and more scathed.If you got something more about them contact me, for now feast your eyes on some of their weird photos and don't forget to check out their page.


Radical Chic...or how I learned to love socialism.

by Giorgio Alessandro Iamblicus

In  the 60’s and 70’s the group of rich bourgeois that flirted with radical and socialistic theories of the time had the nickname “Radical Chic”  or “Champagne Socialists”, as they were named in Great Britain.
Middle and high bourgeois were enchanted by the practices to adopt models of social behaviors, quite heterogeneous between them, that often shocked the conformism which their own class had established.
Extreme political ideas and nonconformism were skirted with an overt love for the latest fashions.In lots of cases the latest fashion was established by and for them.
Of course with all the above they were characterized by an unprecedented willingness to draggle the hem of their Burberry’s trench coats.
So there they were to the May of ’68 in France, supporting Black Panthers and all the Latin American liberation movements but always in style.
But now the distances are restablished. Bourgeois learned again to stay in apathy and their half empty champagne glasses.
Although all these rest in the past we kept all the radical ideas they left behind and a love for their decadence way of living (campy for some others…).
 So as hopelessly romantic that we are, we don’t want to remember that time as a whim of the bourgeois but as the days that revolutionaries didn’t belonged to any class and we were protesting together and we were exchanging duffel Casmir coats for Mao collar shirts as an indication of support and appreciation.  

original text in Greek
transelation: SinotheDivine


Hello,my name is Sue.

Well my name is not Sue, and this post is not about names."My.Name.Is Sue" is the name that Hara Vitalioti, an upcoming Greek designer, gave to her small independent clothing line.Hara's designs are "possessed" by a retro aesthetic and a romantic point of view but the lines are very modern and original and that's what makes them so beautiful.Her new collection has clever cuts and crazy patterns that refer to old-school tattoos and publicities.But except the beautiful appearance of her designs quality is also a characteristic.So, in Hara's credit, we must say that her clothes are one hundred percent hand made, her materials are of very good quality and the most important, as her labels in the clothes say, they are made in heaven.
 So this summer take a little piece of heaven,wear it with a big smile and feel heavenly happy.

a piece from a past collection.

Contact information: Blog
Photos courtesy of Hara Vitalioti.